Manual Egg Tray Machine

Manual Egg Tray Machine

Manual egg tray machine is one kind of the egg tray machine. The work of this machine need human assistance during the drying process. The raw materials of the manual egg tray machine can be from waste paper like newspapers, old magazines cardboard, paper cartons, the waste white side of paper, old books etc, which are very easy to obtain. The fuel of the whole production line can be the coal, diesel and gas. The working system of this machine includes pulping system, forming system and drying system. The manufacturing process includes the raw materials pulping, mold forming, drying and packing.
Manual Egg Tray Machine
The difference of the manual egg tray machine mainly lies in the drying system. After the forming process, the wet egg paper tray need to be put in the trolley through the manpower. Then, the trolley will be pushed into the drying line by worker. That is to say, the whole drying process is proceeding under the help of the manpower. Therefore, this manual egg tray machine may increase the labor density and the human cost.

Manual Egg Tray Machine
1000-1100pcs/h Manual Egg Tray Machine

Model: GLF-1-3
Output per hour(pieces): 1000-1100
Mould quantity: 3 chunks
Total power(kw): 33
Paper consumed per hour(kg): 60
Pulper power(kw): 7.5
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Manual Egg Tray Machine
1500pcs/h Manual Egg Tray Machine

Model: GLF-1-4
Output per hour(pieces): 1500
Mould quantity:4chunks
Total power(kw):50
Paper consumed per hour(kg): 87
Pulper power(kw): 7.5
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Our company has been specialized in manufacturing all kinds of egg tray machines for many years. So we have powerful scientific research team and experienced engineers. Our machines have been exported to many countries and received good reputation. We can also customize the machine based on your requirements. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

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Features and Advantages:
1.It has good quality and reasonable price.
2.It has long service life.
3.It has the advantage of easy operation.
4.It has wide application.

Model GLF-1-3 GLF-1-4
Output per hour(pieces) 1000-1100 1500
Mould quantity(units) 3 4
Total power(kw) 33 50
Worker(persons) 3-5 4-5
Paper consumed per hour(kg) 60 87
Vacuum pump(kw) 7.5 11
Pulper power(kw) 7.5 7.5

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