egg tray machine work flow

We divide our egg tray machines into manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic type by degree of automation

manual egg tray machine
Manual Type
  • Model:BTF-1-3/BTF-1-4
  • Output per hour(pieces):1000/1500
  • Mould quantity:3 chunks/4 chunks

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semi-automatic egg tray machine
  • Model:BTF-3-4/BTF-4-4/BTF-4-8
  • Max. Output (pcs/h): 2000/3000/5000
  • Mould quantity:12/16/32 units

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full automatic egg tray machine
Full-automatic type
  • Model:BTF-5-8/BTF-4-12/
  • Max. Output (pcs/h):7000-7500
  • Mould quantity:40 chunks

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Hot Products

A Multi-use Machine—-Get Different End Products just by Changing the Molds!

end roducts

Cases and Customers

Senegal customer

Customer from Senegal Visited Our Factory and Paid the deposit

In December, Customer from Senegal visited us and bought we Beston Machinery egg tray making machine with capacity of 5000 ...
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Algeria customer

Our Egg Tray Machine Was Sent to Algeria in November

Customer from Algeria bought our GLF-1-3 egg tray making machine in November, 2016. The machine will be sent to his ...
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engineers installing machine

Engineer Installing in Saudi Arabia

Our equipment has been exported to Saudi Arabia.Our engineer is entertained by the customer.Besides, the customer spoke highly of ...
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Engineer Installing in South Africa

Engineer Installing in South Africa

Our equipment has been exported to South Africa. We arranged our engineer to help install.Our customers have established good ...
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