Paper Egg Tray Manufacturing
Project Report

Paper egg tray making machine is used to make paper egg trays with the waste paper.
With the enhancement of people’s environmental protection consciousness, paper egg tray is becoming the main packing product instead of plastic egg tray.
Paper egg tray has been widely used in the chicken farm and supermarket. Therefore, investing paper egg tray manufacturing can bring you great benefits.
Low costs and high returns egg tray manufacturing business is waiting for you.

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Egypt Customer Purchased Egg Tray Making Machine
Egg Tray Making Machine Installed in India
Senegal Customer Paid the Deposit
Egg Tray Making Machine Exported To Egypt
Egg Tray Making Machine
Exported To Egypt
Congratulations! Beston 5000-7000pcs egg
tray making machine was delivered to Egypt
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Philippines Customer Buy Small Egg Tray Machine


1500pcs Egg Tray Making Machine

1500pcs Egg Tray Machine
  • Model:BTF-1-4
  • Output per hour(pieces):1500
  • Mould quantity:4 chunks
  • Total power(kw):41.2
  • Paper consumed per hour(kg):102

2000pcs Egg Tray Making Machine

2000pcs Egg Tray Machine
  • Model:BTF-3-4
  • Output per hour(pieces):2000
  • Mould quantity:12 chunks
  • Total power(kw):53.7
  • Paper consumed per hour(kg):170

2500pcs Egg Tray Making Machine

2500pcs Egg Tray Machine
  • Model:BTF-4-4
  • Output per hour(pieces):2500
  • Mould quantity:16units
  • Total power(kw):57
  • Paper consumed per hour(kg):212

3000-4000pcs Egg Tray Making Machine

4000pcs Egg Tray Machine
  • Model:BTF-4-8
  • Output per hour(pieces):3500-4500
  • Mould quantity:32 chunks
  • Total power(kw):90
  • Paper consumed per hour(kg):298
A Multi-use Machine— Get Different End Products just by Changing the Mould!
Egg Tray
Egg Carton
Apple Tray
Fruit Tray
Coffee Cup Tray
Shoe Support
Bottle Tray

Egg Tray Making Machine
Egg Tray Making Machine
Egg Carton Machine
Egg Carton Making Machine
Apple Tray Making Machine
Apple Tray Making Machine
Manual Egg Tray Machine
Manual Egg Tray Machine
Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine
Automatic Egg Tray Machine
Main Egg Tray Drying Line

Brick Drying Line

Metal Drying Line
manufacturing process