egg tray making machine in Zambia

Egg Tray Making Machine Was Installed In Zambia Successfully

Good news! Beston egg tray making machine in Zambia was installed successfully. It is a kind of machine that is used to make paper egg trays. Compared with plastic egg trays, paper egg trays are more eco-friendly and easier to recycling. Therefore, the paper egg trays become the preferred choice in packing industry and our life. At present, many plastic egg trays manufacturers has began to investing paper egg trays manufacturing business.

egg tray making machine in Zambia
egg tray making machine in Zambia

During the installing process, building the brick egg tray drying line is one of the important tasks. Beston experienced engineer worked together with the workers to complete the whole egg tray production line installation work. The egg tray drying line adopted by Zambia customer is a kind of automatic brick drying line. Wet egg trays can be conveyed for drying through belt conveyor. With fully automatic operation, Zambia customer make a great deal of paper egg trays per hour. And also, our customer acquire much money.

If you just want to invest small business, you can consider to invest paper egg tray forming machine for sale. It can turn waste paper into money. If you are chicken farmers, it is absolutely the good choice for you. We can customize the machine in the light of your demand. Contact us now!

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