paper egg trays

The Features of Environmental Products of Egg Tray Making Machine

As we all know, egg is a kind of food which is fragile. Therefore, it is difficult to transport it. However, egg trays can help us avoid these problems. Egg trays can be classified as several types. Today, I’d like to talk about environmental egg trays.

paper egg trays

The raw materials of environmental egg trays are from waste newspaper, waste carton paper and other paper materials. The source of raw materials is rich and the cost is low. It is the comprehensive utilization of waste. In the production process of egg trays , the water is reused and there is no extra waste water and waste air to be discharged. Even when the egg tray is discarded in natural environment, it is easy to be decomposed into organic substances just like a piece of paper. Therefore, it completely belongs to environmental products.

The main drying energy includes diesel, gas, coal and wood. Customers can choose the cheapest one according to their local price.

Nowadays, egg trays has been widely used in the world. Due to its good protection performance and cheap price, it has been the ideal packing material for egg or fruit. Different customers have different market demand. Therefore, the specification of different production line varies. For that reason, our company has developed several production lines with different specifications to satisfy customers’ demands.

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