2500pcs Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine Was Delivered To Hungary

Egg Tray Making Machine Delivered To Hungary

On November 7th, Beston Machinery delivered a set of 2500pcs egg tray making machine to Hungary. The Hungary customer ordered 6 layers mental drying line for the egg tray machine. Hungary customer would make high quality paper egg trays. In order to deliver the qualified egg tray machine to Hungary on time, our workers concentrated … Read more

Two Sets of 2500pcs Egg Tray Machines Were Delivered To India

India Customer Buy 2500pcs Egg Tray Machine

Good news, Beston machinery had exported two sets of 2500pcs egg tray machines to India in October. We had shipped many sets of egg tray making machines to India. From feedback, we know Indian customers are satisfied with our products and service. Also, paper egg trays that they manufactured are sold very well on the … Read more

Egg Tray Making Machine Was Installed In Kazakhstan Successfully

Commissioning of Automatic Egg Tray Machine

Good news! Egg tray making machine in Kazakhstan manufactured by we Beston Machinery was installed successfully. Egg tray making machine in Kazakhstan is a kind of automatic egg tray manufacturing machine that can achieve drying process automatically. In drying process, it uses the brick building egg tray drying line. Wet egg trays can be conveyed … Read more

2500pcs/h Egg Tray Making Machine Installed In Seychelles

Switzerland University Students Visited Egg Tray Machine

Good News! On July, 2018, Seychelles customer told us that Switzerland University students visited his factory. They were curious about the manufacturing process of egg tray making machine. Through visiting, they spoke highly of egg tray machine and paper egg trays. The 2500pcs egg tray making machine that the students visited was delivered to Seychelles … Read more

Kuwait Customer Want to Buy 6-8 Automatic Egg Tray Machine

Kuwait Customer

Kuwait customer wanted to buy 6-8 automatic paper egg tray machine with multi-layer metal drying system from we Beston Machinery. In July, 2018. he came to visited our factory and office. In our factory, we showed him the difference of two egg tray drying system: brick and metal type. The brick drying line is made of … Read more

Chile Customers Want to Buy Our Egg Tray Machine

From August 10 to August 14, Chile Customers came to China and visited the office and factory of Beston Machinery. As we all know, plastic is not easy for disposing of and degradation. With the development of society and the enhancement of people’s environmental protection consciousness, the Chilean government begin to advocate the use of … Read more